George A. Romero’s restored lost movie ‘The Amusement Park’ is almost ready for release!

george a romero lost film ready for release

That lost movie of George A. Romero? The Amusement Park? It’s almost fucking ready for release, my friends!

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George A. Romero, creator of ‘Night of the Living Dead’, has passed away at age 77

george romero night of the living dead creator passed away

George A. Romero has passed away after battling lung cancer, at the age of 77. Complete bummer, but at least serves as a pause for us to appreciate just how fucking *titanic* the dude was.

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George A. Romero’s Marvel comic, ‘Empire of the Dead’ coming to TV

Empire of the DEHD

The Grandfather of the Zombie’s comic is getting a TV show. ‘Cause I mean, if anyone deserved a zombie TV show, it’s gotta be Romero. Right?

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