‘Deathstroke’ movie coming from the director of ‘The Raid’ and this news is so goddamn good

deathstroke movie the raid director

Man. The director of The Raid is going to be making a fucking Deathstroke movie? I’m, I’m in. A batch of the old glorious Gareth Evans ultrav iolence splashed across an ultra violent character? Sign me up. Superhero movies and shows have been ripping off his style since the original Raid dropped, so it’s about time he just entered the genre himself. Showed everyone how it’s done.

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‘The Raid’ Director’s Next Movie is ‘Apostle’ Starring Dan Stevens

gareth edwards the raid apostle

Gareth Evans’ Raid flicks are fucking phenomenal. Glorious white-knuckle strikes to your genitals, and you thank him for them. Evans’ next flick is going to be Apostle, starring Dan Stevens. Apparently dude was in Downtown Abigail, but more importantly he fucking ruled in The Guest.

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‘GODZILLA’ Extended Trailer: The Lizard King Will Make You Shit


Okay, so everything coming out of the Godzilla camp fucking owns. Even this trailer, despite the fact that it uses the cheap “animal running to safety” and “people climbing on cars away from Dangerous Element X” tropes. All the rest of it more than compensates.

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‘GODZILLA’ TV Spot: That Ear-Splitting Roar

all broken and shit

Godzilla got himself a set of fucking pipes. And uh, he’s also really good at thrashing the living shit out of densely populated urban areas. Marketable skills in the kaiju field. Here’s more of a look at him doin’ his thang.

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‘THE RAID 2’ U.S. Trailer: All The Swords, All The Fists

The Raid 2.

The first official US trailer for The Raid 2 has dropped. Sweet Berry Wine, this flick looks goddamn insane. Cannot wait. Cannot.

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The Raid 2 - Berandal.

Ohhh baby. If you’ve done goofed up and not caught The Raid yet, you might want to get on that shit. Immediately. The ferociously violent, yet entertaining inventive action flick has spawned a sequel, and the trailer for it has arrived.



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The Raid: Redemption Is Like a Bunch of Hardcore Breakdowns

I was never into hardcore but my ex-girlfriend in college was. She was into all those bands with “blood” in their names and local Boston groups like Suicide File. I tolerated it – anything was better than Morrisey, her other love – and I even liked a few. My favorite parts were, of cours, the breakdowns. All of them. Any of them. Breakdowns make me want to do push-ups and bang a chick – at the same time! The Raid: Redemption is like a bunch of hardcore breakdowns strung together with some flimsy exposition thrown in between. I couldn’t care less what was going on in between the breakdowns – just fast forward the verses and get to the throwdowns.

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