Quantic Dream Drops ‘KARA’. Robo-Fetish Motion Capture Wonder.

I may be a bit late with this, but whatevs! What can you do. You may know Quantic Dream as the developers who brought the world’s most interesting shaving simulator to life in the form of Heavy Rain. (I be trollin’, I know) At this year’s GDC they dropped their new motion capture technology in the form of the short called Kara. Jokes aside, it’s fucking amazing.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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FABLE: HEROES Turns RPG Series Into Brawler. Looks 10x Better

No one really gives a fuck about the Fable  franchise besides  Peter Molyneux. Don’t lie. You don’t. You don’t. It’s tepid at best. Filler at its least threatening. However in a week of leaks, Xbox.com has let forth info on  Fable: Heroes  early. First impressions? It’s an arcadey co-op brawler. It looks awesome.

Hit the jump for images.

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Rumor: Valve is really making a CONSOLE? Dear lord, my wallet.

Here’s a bananas one. There’s mutterings picking up about a Valve console. Yeah, brah. Completionists like me are eyeballing another console they have to buy or the voices in their head will tell mother about the sticky furred stuffed animals behind the couch. Wait, what? Anyways, it may be real. But it won’t  be like a console as generally thought.

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