Helen Mirren cast in ‘Fast 8’, best movie ever confirmed

helen mirren

Helen Mirren is joining Fast 8. Which, if they provide her with dope cars to drive, and stellar guns to shoot, means the movie is officially the best movie ever made by human or A.I.

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First Look: The Rock as Hobbs in ‘Furious 8’

Vin Diesel wants Justin Lin back for final ‘Fast & Furious’ movie

Justin Lin

Justin Lin is deeply responsible for the Fast & Furious renaissance, and I mean that without irony. A large part of the enjoyment that came from the third through sixth installments of the franchise was thanks to Lin’s eye for action, and ensemble acting. Maybe it’s being a Furious Fanboy, but dude was missed in F7, with James Wan an ill-fitting replacement. So fuck yes, get him back, Vinny. Get him back.

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‘Fast & Furious 8’ will take place in NYC, according to Vin Diesel

It’s about fucking time, no? The Furious crew has spanned the world at this point, but they’ve never had an adventure take place in the City of Cities within the Empire. But now all of that is going to chance, courtesy of the eighth installment.

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F. Gary Gray (‘Straight Outta Compton’) expected to direct ‘Furious 8’

F. Gary Gray.

I haven’t seen Straight Outta Compton, but — it’s supposed to be a dope movie. So I’m glad that its director is expected to handle the next Furious flick. A hell of an upgrade from previous rumors — Vinny D himself, or the director of the first F&F movie.

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Jason Statham confirmed for ‘Furious 8’, ride or die baby!


Listen. My wife had “ride or die” in her vows. Seriously. So we don’t fuck around with Furious movies. They ain’t movies, they’re family. And I’m glad Jason Statham is still a part of them.

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Vin Diesel drops new ‘Furious 8’ tease. I’m ready to ride or die, bruh.


A photo posted by Vin Diesel (@vindiesel) on

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