‘Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain’ dropping in 2015

Some Snake.

Kojima has confirmed that MGS5 is dropping next year. It’s the latest in a slew of confirmations for 2015. Phew. At least we know when this console generation is actually getting started. A bit touch and go there for a while. The Powers That Be had us thinking 2014, but one by one the big titles pulled out. Leaving us with bullshit half-fried up-ports like Watch_Douche and Destiny: Halo Unevolved.

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Weekend Open Bar: It’s A Dirty, Sassy Liquor


Crack open a pint of your preferred Esophageal Lubricant and stay awhile. For many that’s some bougie hard alcohol on the rocks. For others, unrefined and pinned to the Great Wall of Dementia, it’s seventy-three Diet Dews with a splash of Heart Palpitations. Whatever way the arrow of your taste bends, you’re welcome here. ‘Cause this is Weekend Open Bar.

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