‘Civilization VI’ Announcement Trailer: Ruining Lives, Starting October 21

‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ and ‘XCOM 2’ getting Vinyl Soundtracks


Man. A niche of a niche of a niche. If vinyls are for a select few, then gaming vinyls are for an even more cloistered segmentation of the population. Which I’m all for, frankly. Fetishize your fetishes. Lord knows I do.

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‘XCOM 2’ delayed until February 2016


I’m selfishly happy about this one. I wasn’t sure if I was going to have a gaming PC up and running by the time XCOM 2 dropped this Fall. Or if I would have the time in my gaming schedule to accomodate the title. But February of next year? Sign me the fuck up! Sorry to those of you who are saddened by this news. I feel you, I’m just not like, you know, with you.

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‘XCom 2’ Reveal Trailer: Game dropping this year, PC first