Tetsuya Nomura says ‘Final Fantasy 7’ remake progress is progressing well. But like, what’s his fucking basis for comparison?

final fantasy 7 remake progressing well

When Tetsuya Nomura says that the Final Fantasy 7 remake is progressing well, I gotta fucking ask. Compared to what? Broken-ass Final Fantasy XV that came out half-cooked after a fucking decade? Kingdom Hearts III, which has been in development since 1992? Or like, you know, compared to a game being made by a fucking functioning development studio? I’m going to go ahead and say compared to the fucking former at this point.

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Square Enix is hiring “core members” for the ‘Final Fantasy VII’ remake, in case you thought it actually existed by now

final fantasy vii remake hiring core members

The Final Fantasy VII remake is, at best, coming in ten years as a broken and underwhelming game. This is despite the fact that it was announced a thousand years ago, and has been “in development” since then. Oh, you need some proof? Well, how about this. The company is hiring “core members” for the title. Despite the fact that the title was announced a thousand years ago.

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‘Final Fantasy VII’ getting an official Monopoly Board

Cloud Strife from ‘Final Fantasy VII’ to be in ‘Smash Smash Bros’

Holy shit. I own Super Smash Bros, but I’ve lamentably never played it. The time is coming. The time is coming soon when I must fix this.

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Art: ‘Final Fantasy VII’ characters done in style of ‘Big Hero 6’

‘Mass Effect’ Goes ‘Final Fantasy 7’ With Sexy Low-Poly Models.

Polycount forum user Nix  has created a set of low-polygon Mass Effect models. It’s a smash-up of my favorite game ever, and possibly my favorite franchise this generation. Hell yes.

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