KURT RUSSELL is in talks for ‘FAST AND FURIOUS 7.’ Snaketastic.

Kurt Russell.

There is a good chance that Kurt Russell is coming to Fast and Furious 7. Snake Plissken sharing the same screen as The Rock? I am unworthy. Is it too early to talk Oscar-winning? Best Movie of All Time? Juuussstt kidding. A bit.

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RONDA ROUSEY in talks for ‘FAST & FURIOUS 7.’ All is wonderful.

Ronda Rousey.

Pop quiz! How do you improve what has been scientifically proven to be the best blockbuster franchise since the Mighty Ducks saga? You add Ronda Rousey. Many know her as the women’s champion in the UFC. I know her as that lady who I DATE in SOME SPLINTER UNIVERSE that I am desperately attempting to SLIDE INTO.

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