Watch/Listen: Captain America’s Theme gets Heavy Metal Remix

‘HELLBLAZER’ is cancelled, to be integrated into New 52. F**k everything.

Hellblazer has been cancelled. Don’t worry, folks! It’s going to be stripped of its edge, declawed, and integrated into the DCU proper. This is so, so, so fucking dumb. No, hey. It’s cool. Dan DiDio is supremely proud of the title. This is why he has axed it, and is going to neuter the fantastic John Constantine. As an aside, if you haven’t read Garth Ennis’ ridiculous delicious run on the title, use this bad news to motivate you.

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DC’s New Gay Character Will Be ‘Major’, ‘Iconic’, ‘Male’, And More Descriptives!

Cyeah! DC has to be loving the tidal that is sloshing around their ankles over their announcement of a prominent character of theirs being gay in the New 52. Here’s some more information regarding the character, who hasn’t been introduced  into the New 52. Yet.

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