Facebook created an Advanced AI that won’t stop shit talking Facebook. Can’t fucking blame it!

facebook ai criticizing facebook

Be careful what you create, motherfuckers! Facebook has created an advanced AI, and the fucker rightfully won’t stop criticizing the platform. Flesh, nu-flesh, don’t matter. Everyone fucking knows Facebook is trash. Only problem is, uh, the bot also apparently supports Donald Trump. Just like its creator, I suppose.

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Facebook is developing a cryptocurrency because what could go wrong. They only fuck up everything

facebook cryptocurrency

Facebook! You know, the monolith that we all simultaneously hate and prostrate ourselves before? The one that fucks up everything? Well, this gang of chucklefuck morons is developing a cryptocurrency.

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OMEGA-CAST #12: Part 2 – Jack Off (From The Matrix)


Here’s part two of the fucking insanity that was recorded over Columbus Day Weekend. This pig-fucking rot-fest is filled with pseudo-intellectualism, superhero talk, Bateman body slamming a pizza delivery guy while we’re recording, and thirteen undergrad communication majors feeding us Skittles for internship credits. It’s pretty mundane, per usual. We also discuss my (temporary) departure from Facebook, Avengers 2: Tony Boner Time, and more.

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Oculus wants to build BILLION-PERSON MMO with Facebook. AIM LOW AMIRITE LOL?

The Metaverse!

Ah, corporate hyperbole! I love this shit. Tell me all about your hopes and dreams, wizards of crafting press releases! Visionaries with too much money!, pepper me with your Future. And then give me my Snow Crash wet dream, okay?

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John Carmack.

Apparently ZeniMax ain’t feeling John Carmack. Ain’t feeling him in the least. The ‘Mack Daddy’s (I fucking suck, I know) former company is accusing the co-creator of Doom and Quake of stealing technology on his way out the door to Oculus. Who is right? Who is wrong? What’s the applicable shade of gray? Who cares. Watching Big Dumb Companies fight is fun for me.

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Facebook building DRONES WITH LASERS to bring INTERNET to errbuddy.

all droning and shit

Facebook. Conquering virtual reality. Conquering the Internet with drones. Pretty much just conquering. Your titty pics, and bro-abs are soon going to be soaring through the air courtesy of lasers. Drones. Making them almost seem not completely self-absorbed, banality-core. Right? They’ll just be owned, stapled to the guts of the Monolithic Facebook Intertwebs. (This story is actually about something different. A little. But indulge me.)

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FACEBOOK buys OCULUS RIFT. My bunghole goes virtual.


Facebook has bought Oculus Rift. This is either the worst thing ever, or the idea of a virtual reality wherein I can finally attend to my dreams of surfing the Metaverse as a console cowboy is coming true. Most likely though — you’re all just going to be able to see my tattered anus scraps in all the dimensions you could ever ask for. I look forward to offending everyone in new, amazing ways.

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FACEBOOK getting its own set of DRONES. Heyniceokay.


Because — of course. Why wouldn’t Facebook get its own army of drones? It’s the New Black! The coolest list of tech-suaveness. Buy your drones, launch your army, prepare for the great Corporo-Warfare of 20xx Read the rest of this entry »

WINKLEVOSS TWINS own 1 PERCENT of all Bitcoin. That’s uh, neat guys.

These choads.

Those guys who hired Jesse Eisenburger to create Face-Book in that movie are trying their hardest to be relevant. Sure they didn’t get to own the Harvard Face-Space, but they own a considerable amount of Bitcoin! Listen, don’t get me wrong. Bitcoin is cool. However, this smacks like that time my Dad bought me an Atari when all I wanted was a fucking Nintendo.

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Facebook unveils ‘GRAPH SEARCH’, the search engine for your life.

Facebook has unveiled a search engine for your life. This is a better, more intuitive way to stalk your friends, family and most importantly — random acquaintances of acquaintances.

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