‘Evolve’ Launch Trailer: Welcome to the Jungle

Industry darling (or at least game show darling) Evolve drops today. And with that release comes one final trailer showing all the 4v1 monster marauding.

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‘EVOLVE’ bringing monster mayhem this OCTOBER


Fuck yes! Don’t despair, fellow owners of next-generational consolation machinery. This Fall is stacking up to to be the meaty-dong thrust that we’ve been anticipating. Eyes hungry, gamer-holes eager. The latest to line-up for the Autumnal wallet gangbang is Evolve.

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‘EVOLVE’ Gameplay Video & Trailer: Do The Monster Mash


Fuck yes. The minds behind Left 4 Dead have dropped a panoply of videos today for their next game, Evolve. Okay not really a fucking panoply but kiss my ass, aiight? Within these post’s walls you will have a gameplay video, and a cinematic trailer. They’re both fucking gnarly. Left 4 Dead…evolved! HAHAHA. I hate myself and my puns.

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