‘EVOLVE’ bringing monster mayhem this OCTOBER


Fuck yes! Don’t despair, fellow owners of next-generational consolation machinery. This Fall is stacking up to to be the meaty-dong thrust that we’ve been anticipating. Eyes hungry, gamer-holes eager. The latest to line-up for the Autumnal wallet gangbang is Evolve.

Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve advances worldwide onto Xbox One, PlayStaton 4 and PC on October 21, Take-Two announced today. Take-Two also revealed pre-orders of the four-versus-one first-person shooter come with a Monster Expansion Pack, which includes a Savage Goliath skin and an extra monster character that will be made available at some point after Evolve hits stores.

Check out our new preview for a look at some of the human hunters hoping to take down the alien beasties in Evolve. [Joystiq]