Monday Morning Commute: The Future Is A 55-Inch TV


This is the Future. I’m talking to you, whomever you are, through a screen. This is the Future. I’m watching Wrestling on my 55-inch TV, and Basketball on my 17 -inch computer screen. At the same time. This is the Future. I’m doing all of this while my wife browses the Universe on an implement (under the antiquated titled of a “phone”) that can fit in her hand. If Gibson is right, and the Future is Here, but not Evenly Distributed, it’s certainly Arrived At My House.

This is the Future, and I want to spend it on the Space-Ship Omega. Here. In Monday Morning Commute. Telling you what I’m looking forward to this week.

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‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ Red Band Trailer: Dazed and Confused In The 80s

The older I get, the more nostalgia I become for my native decade, the 1980s. So it makes sense that I’m stoked for Everybody Wants Some!!, despite the fact that I was probably still pooping my pants (and still am!) during the time period when the events of the movie take place. That said, I’ve claimed for a while now that I want nothing more than to drive with the top down blasting Summer Nights the year that it dropped. #VanHagar #Nostalgia

Hit the jump for the trailer.

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Strange Moments in Solid Movies: Better Off Dead Burger

Better Off Dead is one of the best high school comedies about the absurdity of adolescence. It presents a myriad of predicaments that could conceivably mire a typical student’s well-being–mental, familiar, financial, social, and sexual, just to name a few–and runs wild with them all for the express purpose of laying waste to the insecurities and hang-ups that concern most people during this weird time in life. Every romantic hiccup is exaggerated to disastrous dimensions; every apparent shortcoming is tantamount to total deficiency. In turn, most of these problems that might trouble a young person are revealed to be completely laughable when they are properly framed for bizarre effect: anything this ridiculous and cartoonish should not be taken seriously, and issues even remotely similar to them should, as a result, become less world-crushing. When it can’t get any worse, it can only get better, and Better Off Dead is leaps and bounds funnier than many other comedies because it’s more than willing to go to some humiliating and hilarious lows before its protagonist ascends the proverbial mountain in the end.

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