Monday Morning Commute: The Future Is A 55-Inch TV


This is the Future. I’m talking to you, whomever you are, through a screen. This is the Future. I’m watching Wrestling on my 55-inch TV, and Basketball on my 17 -inch computer screen. At the same time. This is the Future. I’m doing all of this while my wife browses the Universe on an implement (under the antiquated titled of a “phone”) that can fit in her hand. If Gibson is right, and the Future is Here, but not Evenly Distributed, it’s certainly Arrived At My House.

This is the Future, and I want to spend it on the Space-Ship Omega. Here. In Monday Morning Commute. Telling you what I’m looking forward to this week.

After I’m done? Seize the future, friends. Communicate your own FutureHappenings upcoming this week to me in the comments section. Do it on a Tablet. Do it on a Phone. Do it on a Computer. MultiModalTransFutureCommuniques.

Let’s exist in a state of discourse that we could only exist in, here, in The Future.



The Green Room.

This movie is fucking brutal+beautiful.


Unless you have a weak stomach.


Maybe Buying:

Ratchet & Clank.

Everyone’s playing it.

Everyone’s loving it.

I’m farming phoenix credits.

In The Division.


Still Reading:

Nemesis Games.

It’s really good.


Listening To:

Aesop Rock.


Speaking Of The Future:

My wife is trying Soylent 2.0.

Nutrients in a nondescript bottle.

Weird world. Wild world.


Bummed I’m Probably Missing:

Everybody Wants Some.

I was supposed to see it last weekend.

But my BetterHalf was sick.

Damn her mortal coil.


Absolutely Cannot Wait:

Captain America: Civil War.

It’s so goddamn close.

That I actually can’t grasp.

How close it is.


That’s it for me. Give me some music, FutureFriends. Give me a comic book to read, FutureFriends. Give me something, this week. ‘Cause all I can think about is Civil War. That’s about it. You? How about you and you and you?