The Slumber Party Manifesto

(As Americans brace themselves for another big Election Day, Omega-Level is proud to offer its services to a new political party, designed by Argey Fontes and Andrew Mercier (our very own Eduardo Pluto, sans pseudonym): The Slumber Party. Here is its extensive manifesto. TL;DR: Party on.)

America is faced with a widespread contagion—the Great Yawn. Millions of people across this country have contracted it already and the numbers are rising. During this critical time in the nation’s history, two-party politics has become exceptionally polarizing, when partisans thwart necessary reform and others are too complacent with the status quo. Nothing changes substantially except the ever-growing gap. Proposals from one side are quickly dismantled or disregarded by the other. The only reciprocity that crosses the divide is yawning, brought on by fatigue and tedium. Meanwhile, those whose allegiances are not to these party lines try their best to stay removed, but many cannot for long. Watching from the outskirts, they become disillusioned by the dysfunction, turned off by the whole process, and are then similarly caught by the outbreak.

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‘HALO 4’ Dropping This Election Day; Will You CHOOSE IT? Puns. Or Something.

Halo 4  is dropping the same day that us registered people in the United States shall be picking the next president of this nation.

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