THIS WEEK ON Eastbound & Down: Chapter 21 РGrand Final̩

Kenny Powers

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!? Be honest. This final episode of Eastbound flipped you on your head, had you crying like a baby, and then had your fist clenched in the air as if to say “you got me, assholes!”, before gently shutting itself down forever. It was the emotional equivalent to 4 years of High School packed into 30 minutes of programming, and now it’s my job to somehow pick up the pieces of your shattered soul to provide some level of clarity in this moment of somber reflection. Wish me luck suckas, because the only way I can describe the series finale is:


Allow me to explain…
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THIS WEEK ON Eastbound & Down: Chapter 20

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of every subplot closing on EB&D, as the series begins to neatly wind itself down into the off position leading up to the grande finale this Sunday. 20 is my favorite episode this year, and it had plenty of great momentos. So join me after the jump on our penultimate expedition EVER into the world of Kenny Fucking Powers.

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THIS WEEK ON Eastbound & Down – Chapter 19


Mother of Satan! EB&D takes the family circus to levels never before unseen, in what ends up more of an anthropologic character experience than an actual plot-progressing episode. I get it though. Not bitchin. I still believe. This week each vice is tidily accounted for, one by one, as we examine the true inner-workings of a southern dysfunctional family the likes of which produced such greatness that is, K fucking P.

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THIS WEEK ON Eastbound & Down – Chapter 18


We are fully in uncharted territory on EB&D. Where it goes next, nobody knows…sorta. Following a doppleganger story arc from last year, we have another family affair this week as KP focuses on breaking out of his slump with an epic 4th of July blowout. Stevie goes back to being a putz, and we fully explore the deep dark cavities of humor that are completely unpresentable to most audiences.

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THIS WEEK ON Eastbound & Down – Chapter 14

[Caff Note: Give a cordial welcome to new OL contributor Sneaky Pete.]

The magic behind HBO’s Eastbound & Down is the dark authentic grittiness in which an idealistic plot is laid out early on each season, and the sadistically twisted corruption of that ideal as the season unfolds. In some primordial way, it reminds us of the daily incertitude of our own insignificant existence. All this dark meat is surrounded by a sesame seed bun of high-brow intellectual wit and low-brow slapstickery, making its esoteric depth quite palatable to the masses.

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