THIS WEEK ON Eastbound & Down: Chapter 20

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of every subplot closing on EB&D, as the series begins to neatly wind itself down into the off position leading up to the grande finale this Sunday. 20 is my favorite episode this year, and it had plenty of great momentos. So join me after the jump on our penultimate expedition EVER into the world of Kenny Fucking Powers.

The ep opens with Black Biker Week in Myrtle. In what ends up my favorite intro so far, the Black Creepers harass and intimidate the local yokels. It ends in stitches when a masked Creeper growls at a urinal advert for Kenny, and then notes “Tight Dick Playa” to his scared white urineighbor. I had to run it back twice on that one.

Kenny shows up to a team meeting championing Toby, and with great claims of personal growth on his sabbatical. His speech is ill-received, and he is relegated to a backup role behind the new team leader, Ivan. Upon taking off from practice, KP is corralled by the Grim Creepers. One Ashley Schaeffer reveals himself along with long time KP nemesis, Reg Mackworthy. Both promise revenge before being chased off by the fuzz.

Cut to the condo, where Stevie is scrapbooking his memories of life with Maria. Kenny clowns him for it, and a hilarious domestic dialogue ensues. Kenny gives Stevie a small pep talk, but ultimately offers no help in the redemption of Maria, except assistance with false hair and eyebrows.

Sporting the new hair/brows, Stevie then goes to see Maria, who is now selling oranges on the side of the road. He leaves Toby in the car, and professes his love. A scuffle breaks out, the result of which is captured well below. When Stevie returns to the car in shame, he finds Toby missing, and is unable to locate the boy anywhere.

Stevie speeds home to break the news to Kenny, who is quite upset that Stevie has misplaced his son. Just then, Mackworthy calls to inform KP that he has the child. Kenny hangs up, and procedes to give Stevie the pep talk of a lifetime:

“Stevie, you weak mother fucker, you listen to me right now. You have made an ass-ton of stupid choices in Myrtle Beach. But this is the moment of truth. Now is not the time to lie on the ground like a bald fucking baby. Now is the time to be a fucking man.”

To which Stevie responds:

“I’m gonna wash the glue off my head, rip off my fucking eyebrows, and we’re gonna go get your fucking son.”

The pair descend on the Black Creepers weaponized and confident. Stevie comes correct with not one but TWO Freddy Krueger gloves, while Kenny does his urban ninja routine. Outnumbered, and out gunned, the pair are quickly restrained. Reg draws back a baseball bat to break KP’s golden arm in retaliation for taking his eye. There is actually a moment of suspense. But he is first interrupted by Toby’s crying, and then a second time by Ashley Schaeffer’s racist commands. The group shifts it’s violent focus to Ashley, who proclaims to be “old style” as the reasoning for his racist epithets. He is set ablaze.

With Ashley out of the way, KP makes peace with Reg, who agrees to caravan him to the stadium, where the big game has already begun. They arrive to find Ivan struggling with the battery-tossing xenophobic fan base of the opposition. After being rocked for a homer, KP descends from the stands and demands to replace the Russian.

It’s during his entrance we see glimmers of the KP of yore, as he salutes the crowd in a way only he can. He takes his place on the mound, finding strength from his son, and Ivan’s failure. He gets a strike in there for Shane-dog, and squeezes out the “W” for the Mermen. A celebration ensues.

KP is back on top, having conquered nearly all of his demons, so now it’s time for April to slide back into the picture. She arrives to scoop Toby, and to apologize for his abandonment. Kenny struggles with the bittersweet emotions involved. He has been waiting so long to get rid of T-boy, but when the day finally arrives he is not prepared to see him go. Classic Eastbound. April jets with Toby, and that is pretty much where it ends.

The question remains: What will become of KP in the last episode EVER? Will he get called up to the majors, grab the girl and the kid on the way, and go out all Hollywood? Will he give up baseball, and go back to teaching gym at Jefferson Davis? What about the book deal? Is that going down? They seem to be eluding to it a lot lately. Even with all the loose ends tied up, there is a lot swirling around right now, and it is so hard to predict what direction they are going. Let me know what you think.

Power Quotes:

“Power from my son, and power from Ivan’s failure”

“You need to buck up, alright? I gotta bunch of black dudes tryna kill me. You don’t see me makin’ a goddamn collage about it.”

“That’s a toy that I made for him. It’s a fake T-rex with a dildo crammed up its asshole. It’s one of Toby’s favorites. When you turn it on, it moves: Dildosaurus Rex”

“I don’t give a fuck about the sensitivity of orientals. I’m a father now.”