[E3 – Star Wars 1313] Jesus Christ This May Actually Rule

I don’t want to like Star Wars 1313. Despite loving the Universe, the original trilogy, and pretending I can open automatic doors with the Force, my bitterness for Uncle George runs deep. Somehow the gameplay trailer for this newly-announced title has managed to pierce my scabby heart. reigniting my Star Wars  loins. I wouldn’t bet on the game being good, for far too many titles in the Universe have aroused my interest only to let me down. I’m looking at you, SWTOR, KOTOR 2, and The Force Unleashed. For now though, I dream. Of dopeness.

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[E3 – The Last Of Us] The Apocalypse Is F**king Gorgeous

The Last of Us  is asshole-clenching silly gorgeous. If this title drops this year it is easily my title of the year, and if it drops next year it is a strong reason for us to not cave in over the Mayan Apocalypse.

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Nintendo Reveals their “WII U” Hardcore Controller; They Just Rip Off Microsoft.

Nintendo has revealed the controller for the Wii U. You know, the actual  controller. Much like their tablet-monstrosity smacks of an iPad, their “pro” controller looks like a repainted Xbox 360 controller. I can’t complain too much however, since the source they’re ninjaing is the best controller on the market.

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