Report: ‘Dark Souls 3’ to be announced at E3

sanity breaker

The third installment of the soul-crushing, mind-breaking, somehow rewarding Dark Souls series is getting announced at E3. That is, if you believe the Winds of Rumor.

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Devil May Dragon Hunt

OH SHIT! Platinum Games with an XB1 exclusive? That’s the sort of thing that gets my jaded, XB1-neglecting ass to pay attention. It’s totally Devil May Cry Over Dragons or some shit, but whatever. Platinum Games don’t usually let me down. And any exclusive I can get quasi-pumped for is enough. Is that…is that sad? The level my expectations have been lowered to by E3?

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E3 vs PR – Part III: Microsoft Monday and Mixed Messages


Let’s talk about how important Monday was for determining the game industry’s narrative for the coming months.

Let’s also talk about what it means to gamers like you, and me, and how industry giants like Microsoft and Sony communicated with us via the grand stage of E3.

Monday saw PR-beleageured Microsoft take the stage first, around 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time. There’s no beating around the bush – they had an uphill battle to wage, one very much set up by their own PR snafoos over the last month.

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E3 vs PR – Part II: The Whirlwind of E3’s Media Days


The Monday and Tuesday of the annual E3 week are always a fascinating pair of days to watch unfold from a PR perspective. The show floor opens its doors to attendees on Tuesday afternoon, but by then, an entire story has been told to the media through a series of conferences, briefings and events that kick off the week.

E3 seems unlike any other industry trade show on the planet. It’s equivalents in other industries, from television, to film, to fashion, to food, all seem tame by comparison. At least, from the perspective of public relations.

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