‘Ghostbusters’ spin-off still happening, Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt maybe still starring


You going to welch out on starring in this movie too, Tatum? Eh? Eh!

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Jason Segel and Drew Pearce making ‘LEGO Movie’ spin-off, ‘Billion Brick Race’


The vampires! Ready! Poised! Set to suck any innocent marrow out of the LEGO Movie, and use their alchemy to convert it into hard earned, well-churned  profit. (As a fan of the SWU and MCU I have no ground to stand on, yes.)

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Marvel Movie Madness: ‘THOR 2’ Baddie Cast, Jon Favreau Returning As Happy In ‘IRON MAN 3’ & More

There’s a deluge of Marvel Cinematic Wunder Casting News and the such. Would you like to be up to date? Hip with the kids! Of course you would.

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