BioWare Studio Head and ‘Dragon Age’ producer both leave studio. Man, they’re fucking cursed!

bioware studio head and dragon age producer both leave studio

Well, I was excited for the new Mass Effect and Dragon Age games. But that was before Casey Hudson left the studio. Fucking again. As well, Dragon Age producer Mark Darrah has departed the studio. Just bleeding motherfuckers! Bleeding! Motherfuckers. Got me concerned.

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‘Dragon Age’ creative director has left BioWare. The hinges on the company’s exit door gotta be tired

dragon age creative director left

Dragon Age‘s creative director has left BioWare. It feels like just the more recent of a seemingly endless exodus from the company. But, like, don’t despair or something. Casey Hudson has returned to the company, after all.

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New ‘Dragon Age’ game is in development according to BioWare writer who is surely in trouble now

new dragon age bioware writer

You gotta love when some employee of a zillion-dollar gaming company vomits up information that definitely, definitely should not be out in the open yet.

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BioWare secretly revealed its New IP at GDC on a team member’s t-shirt

Mass Effect.

Pretty wild guerilla (?) marketing. A staff member from BioWare wore the company’s new IP on his shirt throughout GDC and no one (understandably) noticed. I imagined there are many folks currently attempting to find a picture of said Lad, and divine the new IP. Do the hard work for me, friends.

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Cosplay: Morrigan From DRAGON AGE Casts STRETCH On My Pantaloons

[Via | Cosplayed by  Lightpriestess]

Gracious me, look at this portrayal of Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins. I’m not saying that I’m willing to sacrifice myself to some evil succubus temptress lady (I’m not really sure what she is, I powered through the dialogue in that generic-ass story), but I was I’d probably start with her.

Cosplay: Flemeth From ‘Dragon Age’ Is Wizened Witchy Babe.

[Cosplayed by AmazonMandy | Via]