WAR MACHINE set to be all up in ‘AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON’ in “KEY ROLE.”

Iron Patriot.

Don Cheadle is going to be in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He’s playing a “key role” in the flick. Now listen I’m not a genius and I wouldn’t bet (my own) money on this theory. But. This is my idea. I see no better way to have Tony don the armor again than having Ultron kill Rhodey with Stark’s own technology. I mean…right?

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‘IRON MAN 3’ TV Clip: Tony’s latest egotism is giving away his home address


The latest clip from Iron Man 3 has Tony Stark giving away his home address to The Mandarin. Pretty much exactly the sort of thoughtless, boisterous nonsense you’d get from an egomaniac. Here’s hoping the movie makes him feel the repercussions.

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New ‘IRON MAN 3’ poster features Don Cheadle looking silly.

Patently ridiculous.

I love me some Don Cheadle, but I’m not feeling the dude in this poster. Not an indictment on him, the movie, or his character. Just him looking longingly into the distance.

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Video: Don Cheadle is back as CAPTAIN PLANET, the Earth’s overlord.

More Don Cheadle! More Captain Planet. Fuck yeah.

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James Badge Dale Signs On To ‘IRON MAN 3’ As Villain. I’ll Take It.

James Badge Dale has held it down on a lot of works, but I liked him the most in the ill-fated Rubicon. Since AMC nixed it, while perpetuating slop like Walking Dead, and Kevin Smith’s Fat Zany Adventure, I’ve been rooting for everyone involved in the submarined television show, especially the lead. Casting him in Iron Man 3  is a particularly delicious development, for this really drawn out reason.

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Video: Don Cheadle is Captain Planet. Dude Means Business.

Funny or Die has dropped this fucking gem today. Don Cheadle as Captain Planet. I’m not going to ruin anything, but I was that creepy guy laughing his ass off. All alone. A single tear-drop down his face.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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