‘Battlefield 1’ is next ‘Battlefield’ game; set in Alternate History WWI


They’re..they’re really running out of wars to till, huh?

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‘Mirror’s Edge 2’ dropping early 2016


I never played Mirror’s Edge. Maybe I played the demo? But I know it was an esoteric game with a cult following that didn’t sell extraordinarily well. So I’m stoked on principle that it is getting a sequel, and it has a tentative release date.

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‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Reveal Trailer: Battles From Endor To Jakku

Video: ‘Skyrim’ Sizzle Reel Is One Week Of Amazing Additions.

[Caff Edit: First video was taken down. Pratfalls of queuing posts! Added new video, jump to 21:25]

When the motherfuckers at Bethesda were done putting the wraps on Skyrim, they were given a task: spend one week doing whatever they want, putting whatever they want in the day. The results? Pure awesomeness. Dragon mounts. Building your own home. Pitch black dungeons. Adoption. Seasonal  foliage. Plus more. They’re noncommital as to whether any of it will actually make the game, but man. To dream.

Hit the jump to check out the staff’s dream conjurings.

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‘Skyrim’ Has Shipped Over 10 Million Units, Average PC Playtime Is 75 Hours. Hell Yeah.

Maybe I’m losing it, but I consider Skyrim rather special. What may have previously been considered only a dorky fantasy game thwacked the gaming cultural consciousness over the winter, ripping the season away from Battlefield Warfare: Covert Ops for the first time in years. It generated memes, produced sprawling personal stories, and was fun as fuck. So I love hearing monuments to its success.

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