Blizzard Is Remaking The Original ‘Diablo’ Inside ‘Diablo III’

diablo remake diablo iii

Today at Blizzcon, Blizzard announced that they’re remaking the original Diablo inside the franchise’s current installment. The release will be part of an upcoming “20th anniversary” patch.

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Diablo III.

As suspected, Diablo III is getting an expansion. Reaper of Souls. Blizzard has dropped a cinematic trailer for the forthcoming snap-on to the title, and it’s gorgeous. Par for the course. Now here is hoping the expansion’s content is equally as wonderful.

Hit the jump for the trailer and more details.

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Cosplay: ‘DIABLO III’ gets a BABE-BARIAN. Get it? Groan.

Like most female characters, this lovely lady’s apparel is much more fashion than function. Or perhaps even more “show the boobies” than either of the aforementioned two. I imagine a lot of people are not complaining.

‘DIABLO’ creator shit talks ‘DIABLO III’, sets off Internet firestorm.

It is good to see someone important blasting Diablo III for the turd-dongle that it turned out to be. The would-be bomb thrower is none other than one of the creators of the original Diablo, so the dude has some merit. Would you believe that it cheesed off the people behind Diablo III? I would!

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Dude dies after playing ‘DIABLO IIII’ for 40 HOURS. What took so long?

Some dumb ass has died after playing Diablo III for forty hours. I can’t be the only one who is impressed it took this long for someone to kick the bucket via the Devil, can I? I mean shit, it’s been out for like two months.

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Blizzard Admits ‘DIABLO III’ “Item-Hunt” End Game Ain’t Sustainable

Diablo III ain’t World of Warcraft. Da-doi! We all know that. Ain’t even the same genre of game. However, what made WoW so fucking addictive was that in addition to the gear whore mad dashing, there was a continual flow of new content. D3 ain’t got that, and even the developers know that’s a problem.

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The Fourth Prime Evil: Error 37


It’s as if a million nerds cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

#Error37 hit top global trending status around 3:40 am.

Someone created this site around 3:50 am.

No one online seems to actually be playing the game an hour after launch, at 4:00 am.


Yup.  Diablo III’s out.  I’ll see you all in my Error 37 t-shirt at Comic Con this summer.

WATCH: ‘DIABLO IIII’ Prequel Cartoon. ‘Cause It Drops Tomorrow!

Diablo III  comes out tomorrow, and the thunder you hear are the legions of fanboys and fangirls diddling their geek-spots. Want to jump in on the pleasure circle? Check out this prequel cartoon for the game directed by  Aeon Flux’s Peter Chung and animation studio Titmouse.

So goddamn soon.

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The Bane of My Goddamn ‘DIABLO III’ Existence

…No matter how many times it doesn’t work, I just keep clicking on the fucking install and praying a server burps, a CPU farts, something gives and all of a sudden I’m in.

‘DIABLO IIII’ TV SPOT: Evil Is Back. F**k Yes It Is.

A new Diablo III  TV spot yesterday during the playoff basketball time thing, and my goodness. Just odd CG wankery. I need this game. I need it so desperately. Fifteen  days.

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