Diablo III.

As suspected, Diablo III is getting an expansion. Reaper of Souls. Blizzard has dropped a cinematic trailer for the forthcoming snap-on to the title, and it’s gorgeous. Par for the course. Now here is hoping the expansion’s content is equally as wonderful.

Hit the jump for the trailer and more details.

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‘DIABLO IIII’ TV SPOT: Evil Is Back. F**k Yes It Is.

A new Diablo III  TV spot yesterday during the playoff basketball time thing, and my goodness. Just odd CG wankery. I need this game. I need it so desperately. Fifteen  days.

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‘DIABLO III’ BARBARIAN TRAILER: Smash Things, Eat Drum Sticks. Life ++

G’damnnnnnnnnnnnn, Diablo III  is only a little over a month away. I’m sprung, juiced, and stoked. Here’s a new trailer featuring my preferred class: the shit-smashing Barbarian.

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