‘Destiny 2’ coming in 2017; Expansion for original coming this year


It appears that Bungie is not done with the original Destiny. Despite reports that the game was being put on ice until its sequel being fairly common, Activision has announced the original title will be receiving an expansion this year. Maybe/probably/sort of because the sequel has been pushed back to next year?

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Weekend Open Bar: The Time Clyde Crashed The Moon Into Eurasia

A goddamn long weekend is arriving here in the Empire Proper. And I’m stoked, standing at the intersection between Taking The Day Off Regardless and Lamenting Its Celebrating That Genocidal Guy. Leaning heavily towards taking any extra day off though, to be honest. And so! Long weekend, afoot!

Let’s celebrate it in the Weekend Open Bar. Together!

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Weekend Open Bar: The End of the Universe Is A Puzzle

Hello friends of the Space-Ship. It’s been a minute since I cracked open the door on of those Communal Columns. But here I am. It’s been a week. It’s been a couple of weeks, honestly. We’ve owned a dog for three weeks. In that time, we’ve had to take her to the doctor four times. Including an emergency room visit. Turns out she has a bum ticker (which, as it stands now, may just be something she *lives with* instead of *dies from*, cross your fingers).

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‘Destiny: The Taken King’ Cinematic Trailer: I Will Take Them All!