Kevin Feige confirms ‘Deadpool 3’ will be in the MCU and Rated R. The dorks can breathe now.

deadpool 3 mcu rated r

Kevin Feige has come out and assuaged the fears of Deadpool nerds. The dude himself has confirmed Deadpool 3 will both be in the MCU and maintain the franchise’s Rated R status. Good, good. Now, let’s just hope the Bob’s Burgers writers can pen a script closer in quality to the first flick than its sequel.

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‘Deadpool 3’ is in development with the script by ‘Bob’s Burgers’ writers. Okay, this rocks.

deadpool 3 being developed by marvel bob's burgers writers

Deadpool was a fucking surprise, man. It was great! However, the sequel fell into all of Ryan Reynold’s worst, lazy tendencies. Woof! But, I have renewed hope for Deadpool 3, given that its script is being handled by Bob’s Burgers writers.

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