‘DEAD SPACE 3’ SCREENSHOTS Show Co-Op Play, Lack Of Understanding As To How Tension Is Built.

Am I going to buy Dead Space 3? Of course. It’s the third title in one of my favorite franchises this generation. Admitting this, am I going to stop complaining about the shoehorned co-op in this third installment? No. Not at all.

Hit the jump for some screenshots.

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‘DEAD SPACE 3’ Screenshot and Logo Drop Online. Okay, Game. I Want You.

I don’t want to get too excited for Dead Space 3, because the Pig Swine Leviathan over at EA seems insistent on shoehorning multiplayer into the son of  a bitch. To stem this excitement I whip myself up into a frenzy, swearing at the television screen “You fly solo!, that’s your fucking appeal!” as the Dead Space 2  title screen blinks back at me in silence. It usually works. Right now, it is failing. I can’t help it. A Dead Space 3  screenshot? Has me the excite.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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Watch: ‘DEAD SPACE GRAPHIC NOVEL SHORT’ Is Beautiful, Seems To Confirm My Nightmare

I really want to enjoy this Dead Space Graphic Novel Short  or whatever, but I can’t get over the hump. This hump, this spiked and cumbersome hump is what appears to be confirmation of Dead Space 3’s  co-op mode. Oh Gods, so unnecessary.

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Rumor: ‘DEAD SPACE 3’ To Feature Co-Op. This Is F**King Dumb.

How do you take the best science-fiction horror game going right now and shit efficiently on its premise? Shoehorn a fucking co-op mode into it. This is so fucking dumb.

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