Rumor: ‘DEAD SPACE 3’ To Feature Co-Op. This Is F**King Dumb.

How do you take the best science-fiction horror game going right now and shit efficiently on its premise? Shoehorn a fucking co-op mode into it. This is so fucking dumb.


According to IGN,  Dead Space 3  will feature optional co-op play. It’ll be drop-in, drop-out. Their source also describes the game’s setting as a “desolate snow planet,” which confirmsthe rumor we reported last year.

It sounds as though the second co-op character might be a figment of protagonist Isaac Clarke’s imagination, as IGN describes the game seamlessly adding the co-op character, or hiding him. There will also be the expected co-op mechanics such as using the telekenisis together and sharing ammo  Resident Evil 5-style.

The enemies in the game will be freshened up somewhat, and Isaac will face non-Necromoprh enemies on the ice planet, including… Human! Beings! My, that sounds… like an action game. Hrm.

Lastly, IGN reports that “Skyscraper-sized enemies may also come into play.” Well, I certainlyhope  they come into play. It wouldn’t be much fun to have giant enemies that you  don’t  get to dismember, after all.

You take a franchise that has made its bread and butter on solitary experience centered in claustrophibic areas, and you add outdoor locations and co-op. What the fuck.