Monday Morning Commute: This Is The Way (Calories & Pop Culture)

monday morning commute this is the way

This is the way, motherfuckers! Or at least, it seems to keep me going. Eating food, and basking in the delights of pop culture. Cause let me tell you, it’s rough sledding for this dude these days. Like, an actual thought I had this morning as I prepared to teach?  At my computer desk? Again? I thought to myself, it feels like going back to prison.

Holy moly! What a fucking awful thought. A prison sentence, albeit with fellow inmates I enjoy. However, a prison sentence none the less. I hadn’t sat at the desk all weekend, and as I steeled myself to sit down, I realized how much I was dreading it. Right in the bubble guts. Right in the scrotum of my soul.

But, at least I can kick it with you fucks. And, at least there’s some shit I’m looking forward to this week. You know, the pop culture delights that’ll sustain me, as the weather unravels. As the days darken. So, I’m about to enumerate that bullshit for you, and I hope you’ll join me in the comments.

This is Monday Morning Commute!

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Monday Morning Commute: A Sense of Overriding Futility

a sense

It is officially the fucking doldrums, yo. The Prole Bowl has come and gone (The Lords of Kobol are kind to me), and now darkness descends upon my sad, empty life. Oh sure I could stare even further into the Abyss what, with the White Noise of sports-based distraction shuffling back into the Miasma. But who wants that? Not this bro.

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‘VERONICA MARS’ Movie Trailer: That Feel Good Nostalgia

Veronica Mars.

Whoop, whoop! That’s the sound of the police! Or rather the witty, teenage gumshoe Veronica Mars back on the scene. But she ain’t a teenager no more, and this ain’t the small screen. Boom! See! ‘Cause it’s the trailer for the Veronica Mars movie. I’m fucking stoked! Stoked! Watching the trailer reminds me of how much I used to love this show. And how long ago the show was on. Fuck, I’m getting old. Darkness, darkness. Beautiful Kristen Bell. More darkness.

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WINAMP SHUTTING DOWN. Darkness, Darkness!


This news is a lot like when I found out that Wizard was closing. I don’t use Winamp anymore. Haven’t for years. However, I enjoyed knowing that a vestige from my past was still out there. Keeping me feeling fuzzy.

Now? Now no more.

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Cosplay: HARLEY QUINN by Jessica Nigri. Ya’ll welcome.

Harley Quinn by Jessica Nigri. Photo by LJinto.

‘Cause when Jessica Nigri cosplay comes across my RSS feed, I stand at attention. Get it? Oh, whatever.

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