Monday Morning Commute: This Is The Way (Calories & Pop Culture)

monday morning commute this is the way

This is the way, motherfuckers! Or at least, it seems to keep me going. Eating food, and basking in the delights of pop culture. Cause let me tell you, it’s rough sledding for this dude these days. Like, an actual thought I had this morning as I prepared to teach?  At my computer desk? Again? I thought to myself, it feels like going back to prison.

Holy moly! What a fucking awful thought. A prison sentence, albeit with fellow inmates I enjoy. However, a prison sentence none the less. I hadn’t sat at the desk all weekend, and as I steeled myself to sit down, I realized how much I was dreading it. Right in the bubble guts. Right in the scrotum of my soul.

But, at least I can kick it with you fucks. And, at least there’s some shit I’m looking forward to this week. You know, the pop culture delights that’ll sustain me, as the weather unravels. As the days darken. So, I’m about to enumerate that bullshit for you, and I hope you’ll join me in the comments.

This is Monday Morning Commute!



Of course, I watched the new Borat flick over the weekend. And man, what a fucking indictment! I read some review that described the stars of the sequel not as Borat, but rather those he interacts with. That’s a fair assessment, and one that I think works. The sequel functions more like Nathan For You, where the titular character is more a proxy to let horrible people be horrible, without realizing they’re being horrible.

As well, Bags and I watched Halloween 5. Let me tell you, it fucking sucks! I hadn’t rooted against a protagonist that much in a minute! However, we also took-in the original Child’s Play, and it’s a fun as fuck ride.



I’m at the point in Ghost of Tsushima where I’m faced with two tasks. The first is finishing the game. The second is collecting bullshit for no good reason, and not enjoying it. So, while am I indulging in the latter? I don’t fucking know! Some sort of sadomasochistic drive to “complete” the game or something.

Meanwhile, I don’t really know the move between finishing Ghost and snagging Cyberpunk. If I wasn’t about to spend dozens of hours in a cyberpunk paradise with 2077, I would snag Watch Dogs Legion. But, engaging both titles in close proximity seems to be double-dipping in a particular purview. I’d rather keep it fresh. That said, what the fuck remains? Not sure, not sure!


[Fall & Darkness]

Whelp, the time is finally upon us this weekend. We’re about to lose an hour of sunlight, which means it’ll be dark by like 4:30 this upcoming Sunday. Man, fuck me sideways. In some ways, I enjoy the fall. It provides the opportunity to hunker down in comfy clothes, and be a piece of shit. At the same time though, the descent into darkness also hurts my ability to go mountain biking. Or function outdoors. Or get vitamins from Sol. Which means I’m not sure it’s a fair trade, this year especially.

The problem? It ain’t something I can opt in or out of, you know?



Oh fuck yes, friends! The Mandalorian returns this week, and goddamn do I ever need an injection of childhood fuzziness. I know that some people bemoan the weekly-release schedule, but I fuck deeply with it.  It allows me to more deeply ingest each single episode, and to converse with motherfuckers about it. The weekly ruminating and marinating allows for a deeply appreciation, and god forbid — allows us to actually work up a healthy appetite for the next installment.



You know, I’m just giving up on policing my diet during a pandemic, and a crazy semester. I’m going to eat healthy five days a week, and let the cards fall where they may, weight-wise. As well, I’ve begun to prioritize fitness over weight, and it’s pretty fucking rewarding to see the results. Earlier this year prior to the pandemic, I had set a bench press goal of 225lbs. Then, you know. The pandemic happened and I lost all that shit, especially since I was so stressed I stopped eating. But now? I’m getting close, friends. 205lbs! With two months to spare. I think I got this, I think I got this.

As well, yesterday I made it up an insane hill that I hadn’t been able to do on my mountain bike all summer. It felt fucking good, man. In a year where progress and accomplishments feel so ethereal, to be able to scale the mountain (literally) was a blast of fresh air.

Be kind to yourself, friends. Be reasonable, but be kind. It ain’t an easy year.


That’s about it for me, my dudes. What are you up to this week? Getting into Mando? Planning some Halloween movie viewings? Let’s hang out a bit!