Fans petition to have Danny DeVito play Wolverine. Finally, the nerds are petitioning something worthwhile

danny devito wolverine

There is finally a petition worth supporting, my friends. Yup! You see, there’s one going around demanding that Danny DeVito play Wolverine. And, fuck, it’s not gonna happen, but this is a Very Good Cause.

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Danny Devito and Jeff Goldblum starring in Amazon comedy series about famous pop duo

danny devito jeff goldblum amazon comedy

Two of pop culture’s most beloved eccentrics are joining forces for a half-hour comedy show on Amazon. Fucking weird, man. Fucking unexpected, man. But I ain’t complaining.

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You’ve been put on notice, Danny Dorito.

DANNY DORITO is the Übermensch

Danny fucking Dorito

I don’t know who made this, or what it’s for, but I applaud it. Our future is bright, as we ride on the coattails of the Übermensch. Danny Dorito.

‘TWINS’ sequel with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and…Eddie Murphy will exist.

I don’t think I can enjoy anything with Arnold in it, ever since I saw his balls that one day at the beach. Big, ripped, furious veins all over his scrotum, swirling like runes that foretold the fall of man. Plus, even if I could, it certainly wouldn’t be this movie.

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‘TWINS’ Sequel ‘TRIPLETS’ In Works. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito…And Eddie Murphy. The F**k.

The  Schwarzenegger and DeVito jam Twins  is a warm fuzzy memory from my childhood. Like almost all the other films from my childhood that were fuzzy memories, Hollywood now seems intent on plopping a dollop of feces right upon it.

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