Danny Devito and Jeff Goldblum starring in Amazon comedy series about famous pop duo

danny devito jeff goldblum amazon comedy

Two of pop culture’s most beloved eccentrics are joining forces for a half-hour comedy show on Amazon. Fucking weird, man. Fucking unexpected, man. But I ain’t complaining.


Danny DeVito and Jeff Goldblum will soon be making some beautiful music together. That’s not a weird euphemism. DeVito & Goldblum will play a pop duo in an upcoming comedy for Amazon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon’s streaming service is developing a new half-hour comedy with DeVito and Goldblum playing the “iconic” musical duo of Matt Downey (Goldblum) and Arlo Finkleman (DeVito). As is the case with these things, the musicians are forced to reunite despite their loathing one for another. Feel free to take a moment to sort out who is the K-Ci and who is the JoJo in this situation.

The series comes from Simpsons writer/producer Tim Long and Imagine Entertainment and (as THR notes) continues a recent run of new projects where Amazon is working with high-profile names. Matthew Weiner’s highly anticipated follow-up to Mad Men will be on the streaming service, as will a mafia drama from American Hustle director David O. Russell with Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore headlining the cast. Toss in a Goldblum & DeVito comedy and that’s even more star power for a television provider still looking to grow in viewership and recognition.

So what type of musical duo would you like DeVito and Goldblum to be in this series? Like a Simon & Garfunkel thing? Redman & Method Man? Swirl 360? Share your hopes, dreams and pin numbers expectations in the comments.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)