OMEGA-CAST #13: An Awakening In Our Fanboy Glands


Oh boy! This podcast is either going to be the sort of pornographic geekery (not literally, but like, getting your dork glands swelling) you’re looking for, or an unbearable fusillade of Star Wars Dickhead Loser Hype. Either way, we hope you check this installment out. This is our best sounding podcast yet, buffeted by $500 in new audio equipment. Aside from the obvious fluids-spilling meditations on The Force Awakens, this podcast features Rendar’s Venture Start-Up, Caff dropping deuces on Interstellar, Bateman’s butt, and another mutual circle jerk over Michael Keaton’s saggy tits in Birdman. Join us. Become us. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Listen on iTunes or after the jump.

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Largest solar sail, ‘SUNJAMMER’ setting out into space in 2014. FLY FREE, FRIEND.


All I know about solar sails comes from Arthur C. Clarke, but most importantly – from Count Dookie or whatever from Attack on My Childhood: Episode 99. Motherfucker all flies away after hacking off Emo Hitler’s arm, utilizing some sort of sailing device. Uh. Anyways, we have them as well, I guess. And a massive one is setting out in 2014, probably to hunt down Count Dookie and slay the living shit out of him.

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