Views From The Space-Ship: Glimpse of the Console Cowboy

the space-ship command center

I realize it’s been a minute since I posted a shot of my actual desktop, which was the original purpose of this way back in the day (nearly seven fucking years!). I have a Macbook for work and/or writing around the house, but I’ve also got something of a command center in my study. I’ve found myself using it more lately, spending more time in my study lately. Nearly a year in the house, I think I’m becoming acclimated to the room, and feeling as though it’s “mine”, if you will. Here it is! Headphones that are pink, mechanical keyboard, figures everywhere proving I’m yet another infantile modern man-child, awash in their own juvenility (and loving it).

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Cyberpunk: WiFi networks can identify you through walls, thanks MIT!


If this isn’t exactly the sort of cyberpunk apocalypse I’m waiting for (with sleek leather garb, a powerglove, and sweet ass shades), then I don’t know what is.

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IDW teases project with ‘Neuromancer’ author William Gibson.


Oh fuck! One of my favorite authors is getting into the funny book game with publisher IDW. I’m in. It doesn’t even matter what the comic book is about, I’m going to be buying it.

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