‘Free Fire’ International Trailer #2: Now We’re Cookin’!

Here’s another trailer for the star-stacked, juicy-ass’d Free Fire. You know, director Ben Wheatley’s feature-length shootout flick. I, I can’t fucking wait for this jam.

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‘Dunkirk’ Trailer: Survival Is Victory In Nolan’s World War II Movie

The first full trailer for Nolan’s Dunkirk is here, folks. And it’s everything you’d expect from a trailer for a Nolan flick. Gorgeous cinematography. Cillian Murphy. Rousing music. I’m ready.

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take this seriously lol

Johnny Depp’s technological theorizing ass gets capped, so they upload said theorizing ass into a computer. WHAT EVER COULD GO WRONG. Looks gorgeous, can’t tell if I’m intrigued or hate how obvious it seems. Surprise me, Wally Pfister. You’re already titillating my eye-socket orbs.

What do you all think?

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