‘Free Fire’ International Trailer #2: Now We’re Cookin’!

Here’s another trailer for the star-stacked, juicy-ass’d Free Fire. You know, director Ben Wheatley’s feature-length shootout flick. I, I can’t fucking wait for this jam.


This year has already brought us the brutal gunplay of John Wick: Chapter 2, but there’s another shootout on the way this spring.

Free Fire is the latest film from director Ben Wheatley (High Rise, Sightseers, Kill List), and it looks like his most accessible, too. Sharlto Copley, Armie Hammer, Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy, Noah Taylor, Sam Riley, Michael Smiley and Jack Reynor all find themselves in a grimy warehouse with a weapons deal gone wrong, resulting in a feature-length shootout that is just as hilarious as it is energetic and wild.