Watch: LEGO-powered Chicken McNugget vending machine

We have crossed the threshold, folks. Into a new world, where promises are kept, and Justice is True. Or, at the very least, where there exists a fully-operational LEGO Chicken McNugget vending machine. I’m not certain, but the latter may actually be a better world than the former.

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CHICKEN MCNUGGETS have official names and shapes. Pink slime ++

Chicky Chick Nuggs.

I don’t care what makes up Chicken McNuggets. I don’t care one lick. In an ideal world, I ate 3,000 of them them a day. That very afternoon, I die after huffing on Chicken McFarts, only to be reborn the next day and do it all over again. So knowing that these delectable little food-things have names? Only makes my affection all the more potent.

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USDA Buys 7 Million Pounds Of PINK GOOP BEEF For SCHOOLS

I have to say, we set our kids up to succeed these days. Cutting school budgets, mindless burecracy preventing the evolution of the educational system and now this: about as close to poisoning the little fuckers as you can get.

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