CHARLIE SHEEN Is The President In ‘MACHETE KILLS’, Absurdity ++

I haven’t seen Machete, but even still I have the suspicion that I’m in love with it. It rocks a certain absurdity that I can get behind. Robby Rodriguez is following up the original flick with Machete Kills, and is showing no signs of mitigating the bonkers.

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Deadpool Team-Up With Charlie Sheen Is Gnarly.

Since the Charlie Sheen meltdown began, I was pretty sure that the most obvious thing for him to do was a buddy action flick with Nic Cage. If you follow the Omega, you know why this should be stunningly apparent: Nic Cage is fucking amazing, and also fucking insane.

But I wasn’t thinking broad enough. Also awesome would be a Charlie Sheen team-up with motherfucking Deadpool. Thankfully, Ben Christian and Cory Smith dreamed where I slept.

Hit the jump for a gnarly combination of insanity.

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Monday Morning Commute: Tiger Blood. Adonis DNA.

[photo by x-ray delta one]

Oh how the time flies! Look, there it goes again! Lord Linear has jumped into his One-Way Rider and just keeps cruisin’ along, never deviating or allowing for honest reflection! BLAST! If only some time-hoppin’ bandit, a charming rogue with a proclivity for anachronism, could save us! If only…

Welcome, my babies, to the Monday Morning Commute! This is the spot where we share our plans for the week – not the shackles of Work/Eat/Sleep/Repeat, but the open fields of pop culture and entertainment to which we’ll flee. First I’ll let you traverse my caffeine-addled mindscape, and then you hit up the comments and grant me access to those neurons of yours that still fire.

Let’s do this.


Rockin’ / BTBAM – Specular Reflection (Teaser)

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