Watch: MICHAEL BAY PRETTY MUCH MELTS DOWN at Samsung CES event. Solidarity, brah.

Michael Bay.

Michael Bay is a compatriot to bros everywhere. Fans of rotating cameras, ‘splosions, and vascularity. So while it’s pretty amazing watching his meltdown from Samsung’s CES event, I also want to offer a fist bump. I’m with you, Michael. From bro to bro. Just uh…you know. Don’t walk off the stage when things get hairy.

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Sony Isn’t Planning To Announce PlayStation 4 At E3. My Wallet Sighs In Relief.

Ready for a PlayStation 4? Well hold on, yo! You’re going to have to wait a bit longer for your mega-polygonal-joy-boost gaming experience. Sony has announced at CES that they ain’t going to be showing their new fantasti-machine at this year’s Electronic E-Something Expo.

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Here Are PlayStation Phone Images and Specs!

I don’t give a fuck about the PlayStation phone, and for that reason I haven’t covered it here. Until tonight. According to Kotaku, the Chinese website IT168 got its grubby paws “on a version of the phone (which it carefully points out may not be the final, production model) and put it through its paces, detailing not just the device’s hardware specs but some other interesting tidbits as well.”

Interested in the specs, as well as some images of the phone? Hit the jump, you slags.

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