‘Star Trek Discovery’ set 10 years before original series, features female lead

Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek Discovery news! Bryan Fuller dropped a good amount of it yesterday, including revelations as follows: set ten years before the original series, there is a female lead, and the show will feature an openly gay character.

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‘Star Trek’ TV revival is coming in January 2017


It’s happening, folks. It’s really happening.

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First Look: Melissa Benoist in full “Supergirl” costume


Here’s a look at Melissa Benoist rocking the official costume for the upcoming Supergirl TV show. I ain’t complaining. How about you

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Spielberg and Vaughan-helmed adaptation of ‘UNDER THE DOME’ picked up by CBS.

I’ve never read Whacky Stevey’s novel Under the Dome. Even still, I’m excited that CBS has made it rain all over an initial thirteen episode adaptation of the book. They don’t give no shits! And I wouldn’t either. The entire ordeal is being helmed by Steven Spielberg and Brian K. Vaughan, so one has to imagine them being capable of pulling this off. Or if they cannot imagine that, let them imagine the Brian and Steve lathered in aloe vera gel, twisting each other’s nipples while wearing unicorn horns upon their own domes.

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Microsoft hires CBS EXECUTIVE to make original content for Xbox. This can ONLY BE AWFUL.

Things that none of us using XBL have ever said: man, I wish that the service had original content. Yet another mind-numbing romantic comedy or the sort. Executives, however, are ever blind to what we actually want.

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I Don’t Get It: The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is now on its 80th season and I don’t get it. Recently I started catching snippets from the show while I waited for Seinfeld to come on. And I don’t fucking get it. I’ve always been okay with the knowledge that the show existed and that an insane amount of people like the show, but now that I’ve seen it I want some answers. Whether you   hate it or love it, please, I beg you, read on and sound off on what you think is appealing about this 30 minute saccharin stream of “nerdy” references and painfully placed Battlestar jokes.

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