Bennett Miller and Francis Lawrence Added To Possible ‘CATCHING FIRE’ Directors. I’ll Do It. I’ll Direct.

Two more bozo clowns have been added to the list of people that may or may not be directing the Hunger Games  sequel, Catching Fire. One did Moneyball, the other did Constantaine. Figure out which one you would want.

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‘HUNGER GAMES’ Director Demanding The Big Bucks For ‘CATCHING FIRE’

Gary Ross just made a fucking shitload directing Hunger Games, along with everyone else involved in the enterprise. With the flick crushing ass throughout box offices near and far, Ross is willing to return for the sequel. At a price.

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‘HUNGER GAMES’ Producer Talks SEQUELS, Respecting The Author

There’s an excitement in my loins for the Hunger Games  flick, and almost 33% of it is due to reasons other  than Jennifer Lawrence running around in a skin-tight track suit kicking ass. Oh god, that track suit. Unless you’re a dullard-dunce you know that after Hunger Games,  Suzanne Collins churned out two sequels. What is going on with them?

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