Princess Leia will appear in ‘Episode IX’ using already shot footage

princess leia appearing episode ix already shot footage

Princess Leia shall be appearing in Episode IX, courtesy of already shot footage. The news comes from her family, who has confirmed approval for the appearance.

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Lucasfilm Has “No Plans” For Digital Carrie Fisher

lucasfilm no digital carrie fisher

Lucasfilm has said they have no plans for digitally recreating Leia in Episode VIII or Episode IX. Which is fucking fantastic news. Both due to the respect shown, and also because Digital Leia looked fucking *terrible* in Rogue One.

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‘Star Wars’ Braintrust Meeting Next Week To Address Leia And ‘Episode IX’

star wars meeting leia episode ix

Man. Thankless task amid genuine sorrow for the braintrust behind Star Wars. The collaborative is meeting next week to discuss the future of Leia, after the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher. Leia, a character who was going to have a large role in Episode IX.

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Carrie Fisher Has Passed Away At The Age Of 60


Carrie Fisher has passed away at the age of 60, following a heart attack last weekend. Obviously, she played one of the best characters in my favorite saga of all time. However, Fisher was also a wonderful force in opening up about, discussing, and normalizing mental illness. Which I appreciate on a personal level. And funny. Fuck, she was funny. And, and, and. I don’t know. Deaths don’t usually hit me, but I’m taking this one on the jaw.

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‘EPISODE VII’ NEWS: First shooting in MOROCCO. On MAY 14.


So like, Episode VII is going to begin filming in five fucking weeks. And yet!, and yet friends. We still don’t know anything about the goddamn flick. No official casting, no subtitle, no idea whether or not Carrie Fisher is going to be hanging rack in her original Leia outfit. But I guess we can at least sate ourselves on where and when filming will begin.

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‘EPISODE VII’: CARRIE FISHER in London for 6 months filming ‘STAR WARS’

Carrie Fisher.

This new Star Wars flick certainly ain’t the usual J.J. Abrams enterprise. Leak after leak after leak. One can only imagine the sort of sphincter-tightening anger and fear he’s feeling on a weekly basis as new details dribble out of the Episode VII anus. The latest? Oh just what Carrie Fisher will be up to for six months.

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‘EPISODE VII’ News: Ford, Fisher, and Hamill due on set THIS SPRING.

Star Wars.

Zounds! It’s really happening. Really, really happening. And I can’t help it, I’m torqued. Carrie Fisher says Hamill, Ford, and she will be on set soon. On fucking set. Ignite lightsaber. Watch your eyes.

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Carrie Fisher returning as Leia in ‘STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.’ No s**t.

Princess Leia. Yep.

Like, we’re all pretty sure that the original Three Star Folk are going to be back for Episode I+IV+III, right? Is this news? Or just another excuse for me to masturbate into the empty shell of my Jar Jar Binks Pepsi can?

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EPISODE VII: Carrie Fisher confirms she’s in, Billy Dee Williams sounds off, LOKI and DOCTOR WHO want in.

It’s another day. That means we have more Episode VII news. Boom! Upside your head. What do you make of all these comments? Let me hear it.

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Monday Morning Commute: Ororo’s Forecast

Hulloh there, fellow crewmates of Spaceship OL! There seem to be more of you than ever, which is goddamn spectacular! C’mon out from behind those crates of surplus Atari 2600 games, there’s no need to hide! We’ve got plenty of Bantha fodder for everyone, and we’re just about to dive into the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE!

What’s that, you ask?

Simply put, the  MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE is OL‘s attempt to vaccinate its patrons against the vile disease that is the workweek. So before you plunge headfirst into five days of 9-5 misery, check out the bits of entertainment I’ll be using to safeguard myself against ennui and spiritual ruin. Then, if you’re daring, you can hit up the comments and show off your own set of curative salves and topical creams.

It’s Internet show-and-tell at its very best.

Quit delayin’, let’s dance!

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