‘Thor’ and ‘Captain America’ Sequels Confirmed! Plus Other Marvel Movie News.

I have a good amount of anxiety regarding the superhero flick during and after the 2012 release schedule. In my fair estimation, we’re going to be fucking fatigued with the whole enterprise. More so than we are now. However, Marvel doesn’t share my concern. Marvel Studios president Kevin Fergie recently spoke about the sequels to their unreleased Cap and Thor movies, and more.

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Here’s The Captain America Super Bowl Teaser!

Did you catch the trailer for Captain America during the Super Bowl? No? Watch it here! You did catch it? Watch it again! I’ve been skeptical of Captain America for a good while now, but man. My gooey fanboy gunk was floating about after the trailer. What does a trailer  guarantee? Nothing, nothing at all. But it was fun.

Hit the jump for the trailer.

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New! High-Res Captain America Images From Empire

Whaddup! In before the trailer drops tonight are some high-res scans of Cap from Empire Magazine. There isn’t anything new inside, but everything is much sexified and clearer.

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