‘Captain Marvel 2’ lands ‘Candyman’ director Nia DaCosta. Fuck yeah, my dudes!

captain marvel 2 candyman director nia dacosta

Man, the Candyman reboot/sequel looks fucking fly as well. Which is good news for Captain Marvel 2, cause it’s landed its director Nia DaCosta.

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Jordan Peele’s ‘Candyman’ Trailer: He’s The Monster That’s Part of This Neighborhood!

Yo, I didn’t even finish this trailer for Jordan Peele’s Candyman. It seemed too dope, you know? Don’t want to spoil it. But, fuck, I’m hyped from what I did check.

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Rumor: Tony Todd is returning for the Jordan Peele-produced ‘Candyman’ sequel

candyman sequel tony todd

Tony Todd is returning for Jordan Peele’s Candyman sequel! Hell fucking yes! Granted, I’ve only recently seen Candyman. I’ll cop to that! But, I got strong feels about it. And one of them feels? That only Tony Todd should be playing the titular role.

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Weekend Open Bar: We Must Adapt Ourselves to the Requirements of Chaos

weekend open bar the requirements of chaos (1)

Nature simply does not give a fuck about us, my dudes. And if you can come to accept that, and work within it, it’s sort of freeing. What’s the Grand Plan for us? Nothing. And what does that mean? Fuck if I know. But, is it all hopeless? Fuck nah! At least not for me, an Absurdist Optimist. I’ll forge ahead. What does that mean?

Some days? It means eating an entire pizza, burping my dick into my underwear, and blogging for a couple hours.

Other days? It means mowing the lawn, patting my dog, and attempting to function like a normal human.

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