OSCAR NOMINATIONS 2013: Everything sucks and your favorite movie does too.

Every once in a while, Eddie Pluto will send me a message with something like, “Oh hey did you see Story X?” and immediately I think “No, but you should really help an overworked brother out and post it on OL.” He then tells me the really interesting story, and I agree it’s pretty awesome. Then he’s like, “Yeah, you should post it on OL.” The most recent case of this is with the Oscar nominations. I was going to be strong, telling myself that I didn’t really care. Then I saw the goddamn nominations for best director. The list sucks, but Eddie Pluto’s boy was on it. Steven Spielberg and his dumb movie Lincoln. Clearly, clearly, clearly the only reason Ed didn’t post it himself was because he had some sort of midnight vigil. Lighting some candles underneath his Jaws poster, rubbing himself. It’s cool, dude.

Here’s the dumb list. Fuck everyone for no Tarantino and Anderson. What do you think? Let me know.

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