Weekend Open Bar: Dismembermentship Has Its Perks

Weekend open bar

Oh fuck! It’s been a hell of a day, and that’s why I’m late opening the bar. (Why was it late, Ian?) I’m glad you asked! I’ll tell you! SAM-OMEGA and myself went to see a house today, as we are (were?) hunting for a new abode. And what began as a viewing snowballed into a four-hour extravaganza that ended in us having an offer accepted! So fuck! I’m on my way to thirty years of Debt Slave toiling. And I’m excited about it! But even if the grind gets too much (SEGUE!!!) from Monday through Friday, I’ll always have the Weekend Open Bar.

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Cliff (DUDE F**KING HUGE) Bleszinski Creates BOSS KEY Game Studio

Boss Key.

The curtain has been *somewhat* pulled back on Cliffy B’s next gaming venture. Cliffy’s new game studio was initially uncovered through the sniffing of various legal paper trails by people smarter, and more dedicated than me. And now their website has officially launched! But what I can add is that no matter what sort of light ribbing I give Dude Huge, I’m super stoked for whatever he has coming up next. His titles are the very essence of BROMEGA LEVEL

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