Sci-Fi writer John Scalzi signs 13 book, 10 year, $3.4M deal.

John Scalzi

I haven’t read any John Scalzi. And I know that’s probably a personal flaw. But I love any renowned sci-fi writer in this day and age scoring those kind of lucrative contract. Rock on, Scalzi. Keep up the good fight. #PlatitudePlatitude

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Desktop Thursdays: lower the toast. most formal etiquette is useless.


Welcome to the Outside-Inside look at my life, friends. The world viewed through my Particulars. This time of the year, this time of the semester, it’s mainly looking at books. Underlined sections of parchment parading around as anything other than what they really are — bullshit academic pandering by a bullshit academic (I don’t actually believe that, I’m just tired.) Anyways, check out my existence. My View From The Space-Ship. And share your own in the comments.

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Warren Ellis announces ‘DEAD PIG COLLECTOR.’ Straight-up EBOOK SINGLE.

Warren Ellis.

Warren Ellis has announced Dead Pig Collector, a long short story (wut?) that is only dropping as an E-book this June. As much as I am tits hardened about this news, I’m also stressed about how Ellis fans without tablet-reader-things will be able to partake in this jazz. Namely Rendar. I suppose such is the unforgiving wave crash of the future.

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The Dude’s High 5s: Top 5 High 5s


So here we are, at the end.  We made it.  I mean, I did all the hard work and you totally just stood there and made snide remarks.  However, I am willing to put the discrepancy over the division of labor aside.  You see, this was as much my journey as it was yours.  What good are my words on the screen if there is no one to read them?  What good are my thoughts and opinions if I don’t get to discuss them with intelligent people?  The answer is that they are nothing.  Just as the gladiators of old fought for the cheers of the mob of Rome, so too do we write for adulation of the invisible specters of the internet.  I want to thank you all for taking this trip with me.  I wouldn’t have made it without you.  So without further ado I present for the approval of the midnight society, my final scheduled High 5 … My top 5 top 5s.

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‘Hunger Games’ Gets An ENORMO Batch Of Pics Upside Yo Head

Well then! Here’s an intense amount of promo pics for the Hunger Games. It’s dropping soon! Pumped? Sate that grind temporarily with an absurd amount of views into the movie.

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Desktop Thursdays: It’s Not A Binge, It’s A God Damn Addiction!

[Desktop Thursdays  is a weekly column where I show you my worlds, both real and virtual. Feel free to share your own in the comments.]

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Rumor: Amazon Is Planning Physical Store In Seattle. Wait, Why?

Amazon has been blessed by being Free of The Flesh, operating in the wondrous intangible market place in the sky-clouds-buzzword. There’s a  rumor going around that they are going to shed the immortal coil and tether themselves in the cumbersome.

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Director Hired To Adapt Palahniuk’s ‘Invisible Monsters’. Gulp.

Chuck Palahniuk is up there on the pantheon on my favorite writers. He sits alongside Vonnegut, Gibson, Diaz and Ellis, forming some sort of supergroup. Invisible Monsters is my favorite book by him. The news that they’re finally moving ahead with an adaptation of it has got me suffering a bit of the ball sack tightening.

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‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Green Lantern’ Sales Favor 2D Over 3D. Praise Deities.

The Green Lantern sucks. The good news is that even the people making the mistake and seeing the movie are doing so in 2D. And the Harry Potter peoples, who are awash with glee over the final installment and buying advance tickets? Also getting those tickets primarily in 2D.

Thank goodness.

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