E3 2014: New ‘MASS EFFECT’ Trailer: Blah blah show me f**king gameplay

Mass Effect 4.

Here’s a “glimpse” at the new Mass Effect. But honestly it’s a whole goddamn pile of platitudes, empty rhetoric, “conceptual artwork” and happy horse shit. Someone give me a goddamn look at the actual game. Like, I’d take ten seconds of actually something over this minute+ of pretty much hot air.

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Cosplay: BATGIRL and NIGHTWING gettin’ comfy

The Bat! Girl!

On this most merry of BATFLECK REVEAL DAYS why shouldn’t we continue the theme with some Batverse cosplay? Let’s go Bat-Crazy! Like we have rabies! Cause fucking bats have rabies or something! Unless they don’t! Snopesapedia that shit for me!

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PATTON OSWALT to guest star on ‘AGENTS OF SHIELD.’ Wee?

Patton Oswalt.

Nary a day ago I was complaining about Patton Oswalt Fatigue. Yes — he can be funny. Yes — he likes the same things I do! Wee! But it feels as though Oswalt’s almost in everyone’s fucking face about his nerd credentials. You don’t need to flaunt that geek  swagger, dude. Just wear your badge and be proud of it. But low and behold, the Good Lord Odin fucking hates me. For he heard my protestations and has responded by ingratiating Oswalt into yet another dork phenomenon that I dig.

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‘DEXTER’ SEASON 7 TRAILER: Revelations & His Usual Emo Whining

All things considered, I’m excited for this seventh season of Dexter. The terrible sixth season ended in a manner that suggested, Jesus Christ wait for it, they may actually be taking the show somewhere. With only what, two? seasons left, hopefully they’ll begin playing for keeps.

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Buy These F**king Comics! – May 16, 2012: Mainstream Big Two Fanboys Abandon Hope, Aiight?

It’s approaching midnight and I sipping liberally from a recently-cracked open two-liter of Pepsi Max. This can only mean a few things. Diablo 3  has launched, my semester is over, and I may very well be dead by the time you read this. Slouched over all fucking South Korean internet cafe Starcraft  stylee. Should I continue sucking wind into the meatier part of this Wednesday, I shall be snagging some comic books. These are the ones I’m digging on. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tolerate my stupidity and then augment my list with the titles you’re going to procure for an exorbitant sum. Especially if I don’t list your little binky title. I’m willing to riff on anything should you suggest it.

Don’t know what’s dropping? Hit up ComicList.

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