‘BioShock: The Collection’ Trailer: The Utopian Remastering of the Dystopias

‘BioShock: The Collection’ Rated In Brazil; Can I Just Buy The First?


BioShock is getting a collection, according to the Brazilian advisory board. 1) Can I just bought the original game in HD? No, that isn’t a “collection” — oh, okay. 2) When the fuck are we getting an HD Mass Effect collection? Christ.

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Leaked: ‘BioShock’ Collection for PS4 and Xbox One

BioShock Infinite

Maybe. This is a definite *maybe* not a certain *true*, but it looks like BioShock may be getting a next-gen collection. Which I will buy. For BioShock only. That’s enough for me to enjoy. The other two can pound-sand-and-eat-grass.

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‘BioShock 2’, ‘Borderlands Pre-Sequel’ devs 2K Australia closing


Boo! Hiss! Gnashing of teeth! A collective of rather talented developers behind some appreciable sequels to classics is closing their doors.

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I need to revisit BioShock 2. All I remember is “groan groan an inversion of the exploration of the ideology driving the first game groan groan.” Maybe now that time has passed I can return to the title and appreciate for its own merits.

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INFO DUMP: Thirteen Year Olds Hired to Pen 24 Movie; Nicholas Cage Is A Genius

Bauer Time

New Bioshock 2 Trailer Will Induce Rapturous Orgasms


Ah, Bioshock 2. I’m torn on the game. On one hand, I don’t think the original needs a sequel. It’s brilliant. I’d even call it a work of art, if I felt like defending my opinion. But I don’t, so there. You can have your four-thousand word essays debating games as art.

So anything that tries to add upon the original gets an initial “Why bother?” I mean, it was about as stand-alone as you can get in a game. The response to the “Why bother?” is pretty simple.

  1. It’s going to make money. Lots, and lots of money.
  2. Fanboys like myself will go bananas getting a shot to delve once again in Rapture.

Artistic integrity (which, may or may not even exist, that’s another four-thousand word essay) versus fan service and capitalism! Fight! No seriously, don’t, I can’t care what you have to say. Bust out the lube and check out the new Bioshock 2 trailer after the jump.

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